What KLMS Agent on Samsung Phones? KNOX Security Module


When navigating your Samsung mobile device, you may have encountered the KLMS Agent. This is part of Samsung’s KNOX security framework, a comprehensive suite of security features established for Samsung devices. However, many users have lingering questions about what KLMS Agent is, its role, and whether or not it’s necessary.

Understanding Samsung KNOX

Role of KLMS Agent (KNOX)

KLMS Agent, which stands for KNOX License Management System Agent, operates under the umbrella of the Samsung KNOX platform. Its primary function is to ensure software integrity and offer controlled privilege, providing advanced security features to protect against malware and phishing attacks.

What is Samsung Knox App?

The Samsung Knox app is a robust security solution pre-installed on most Samsung mobile devices. It provides a secure environment for data, protecting it from threats and offering additional features like network protection and theft protection.

Features of KLMS Agent and KNOX

Software Integrity

One of the key roles of the KLMS Agent is ensuring the integrity of the software on your device. It checks for any unauthorized modifications, guarding your device against potential security risks.

Controlled Privilege

The KLMS Agent also manages the access privileges of apps on your device. It ensures that no app can exceed its given privilege, thus safeguarding your personal data from being exposed.

Data Storage Protection

Your sensitive data is crucial, and Samsung KNOX offers protection for stored data. It encrypts your files, ensuring they’re not accessible to unauthorized users or apps.

Network Protection

Samsung KNOX also provides network protection, guarding your device against threats when connected to insecure networks. This feature secures your personal data during internet browsing or data transmission.

Theft Protection

In case of loss or theft, Samsung KNOX provides an additional layer of theft protection. It allows you to locate, lock, or even wipe your device remotely using the “Find My Device” feature.

Is KLMS Agent a Spyware?

Is KLMS Agent App a Spyware?

KLMS Agent is not spyware. It is a legitimate part of Samsung’s security suite, KNOX. Its purpose is to enhance the overall security of the device, not to intrude on your privacy.

Managing KLMS Agent on your Device

How Do I Disable KLMS Agent Knox Security on My Samsung Phone?

Although not recommended, if you wish to disable KLMS Agent, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to “Settings” on your Samsung device. Step 2: Scroll down to “Apps”. Step 3: Locate “KLMS Agent” and tap on it. Step 4: Choose “Disable”.

Is it Safe to Remove the KLMS Agent App?

Removing the KLMS Agent app may cause your device to be more vulnerable to threats. It is an integral part of the Samsung KNOX security framework, which provides a safe and secure environment for your device.

Uninstalling KLMS Agent

If you still decide to uninstall KLMS Agent, you can do it using ADB (Android Debug Bridge).

Install ADB

Step 1: Download the ADB installer package on your computer. Step 2: Run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions to install.

Enable USB Debugging

Step 1: Go to “Settings” on your Samsung device. Step 2: Select “Developer options”. Step 3: Enable “USB Debugging”.

Uninstall KLMS Agent

Step 1: Connect your device to your computer. Step 2: Open the command prompt and type “adb shell”. Step 3: Type “pm uninstall -k –user 0 com.samsung.klmsagent”.


Why is There KLMS Agent on my Samsung?

KLMS Agent is part of Samsung’s KNOX security platform designed to enhance device security.

Does KLMS need an agent?

Yes, the KLMS Agent is essential for the effective operation of Samsung KNOX.

What are the uses of Knox?

Knox provides software integrity, controlled privilege, data storage protection, network protection, and theft protection.

Do I need Knox on your phone?

If you prioritize security and data protection, having Knox on your phone is beneficial.

What is the difference between KLMS and KNOX?

KLMS is an agent functioning under KNOX. While KNOX is the overall security platform, KLMS ensures license management and security integrity.

What are other agents on Android?

There are several system agents on Android, such as Google Play Services, Device Health Services, etc., which perform various functions.

What is the Samsung KMS agent on my phone?

Samsung KMS is a key management service that provides encryption keys to secure your data.

What is Samsung Knox used for?

Samsung Knox is used to enhance the security of Samsung devices, protecting them against threats.

Why does my Samsung say secured by Knox?

This message indicates that your Samsung device is protected by the Samsung Knox security framework.

What is Samsung Knox and do I need it?

Samsung Knox is a security platform that safeguards your device against threats. If you value your device’s security, it’s recommended to keep it.


The KLMS Agent and Samsung KNOX are integral parts of Samsung’s commitment to ensuring device security. They protect your device against threats, secure your data, and provide you with a safer smartphone experience. Although you can disable or remove KLMS, it’s not recommended due to potential security vulnerabilities.

Pro Tip 1: Don’t disable or remove the KLMS Agent or Samsung KNOX unless necessary, as they provide essential security features.

Pro Tip 2: Regularly update your Samsung device to make sure KLMS and KNOX have the latest security enhancements.

Pro Tip 3: If you notice any unusual activity on your device, it may not be related to KLMS or KNOX. Instead, consider checking other apps and settings.