Snapchat Planet Order

Snapchat: The Ultimate Fun-Filled Messaging App

In a world dominated by social media, where virtual connections have become an integral part of our lives, Snapchat has revolutionized the way we communicate, injecting a burst of excitement and creativity into our conversations. Being a communication superhero Snapchat swoops in to make every conversation more fun, engaging, and memorable. From sending disappearing photos and videos to adding hilarious filters and doodles, Snapchat has made communication a thrilling adventure filled with laughter and self-expression.

Unleash your Creativity with Snapchat:

Think of Snapchat as your personal time machine, a secret doorway to the world where you can capture moments, express yourself in the most hilarious ways, and connect with friends like never before. It’s a place where you can unleash your creativity, make memories, and have a blast every single day!

snapchat planet order

Snapchat Plus: Redefining Communication with a Splash of Fun

Snapchat, like many other popular apps, has introduced a premium version called Snapchat Plus. With innovative features and playful interface of Snapchat plus, users can enjoy an enhanced and customized experience, unlocking exclusive features that take their Snapchat adventure to new heights.

Snapchat plus has transformed mundane chats into vibrant and interactive experiences. When you become a Snapchat plus subscriber, you gain access to a whole new level of Snapchat awesomeness!

Imagine having access to exclusive, experimental, and pre-release features that are not available to regular users. It’s like having a backstage pass to the coolest updates and innovations that Snapchat has to offer.

Snapchat Plus has introduced various exciting features. These features are designed to enhance and customize your Snapchat experience, tailoring it to your preferences and interests. They allow you to dive deeper into the parts of the app that you love the most, whether it’s snapping with friends, exploring Discover content, or unleashing your creativity with filters and lenses. With Snapchat Plus, you can take your favorite features and make them even more personalized and exciting. Here are few exciting features of Snapchat Plus;

  • Friend Solar System
  • Best Friends Forever
  • Story Re-watch Indicator
  • Custom App Icons
  • Custom App Theme Editor
  • Snapchat Plus Badge
  • Priority Story Replies
  • Post View Emojis
  • Bitmoji Backgrounds
  • Story Timer

One such feature is Friend Solar System or Snapchat Solar System, which has expanded Snapchat experience reach beyond Earth’s boundaries and embarked on a cosmic journey.

What is Snapchat Planet Order?

Snapchat Planet is a premium and subscription version of Snapchat which is offered at just around $3.99. This feature helps you to choose 8 of your best friends and make a circle of them around you just like planets circling the Sun in our solar system following the same planet order.

snapchat planets

How does Snapchat Solar System work?

Many people are excited about this feature, even though several Snapchat Plus subscribers seem to be confused. What does this feature mean and how does it work? Let’s look at the captivating realm of the Snapchat Planet Order, new way to explore the universe and unravel its mysteries.

Unlocking the Secrets of Snapchat Solar System

Do you ever wonder where you stand in your friends’ Snapchat universe? Well, hold on tight, because Snapchat plus has introduced an out-of-this-world feature: the Friendship Solar System! Get ready to explore the cosmic connections and discover your place among your closest friends.

Decoding the ‘Best Friends’ and ‘Friends’ Badges

When you become a Snapchat Plus subscriber, a whole new galaxy of friendship opens up to you. Look out for special badges on your friends’ profiles. A ‘Best Friends’ badge with a golden ring means you’re one of each other’s eight closest friends. If you see a ‘Friends’ badge, it means you’re one of their eight closest friends, but they’re not one of yours. It’s a symbol of your closeness and connection. These badges let you know where you stand in their friendship universe. So, embrace your badge with pride!

Friend-Solar-System-249375175.png snapchat planets

Explore your Inner Astronaut with Snapchat

Prepare for an exciting voyage as you explore the Snapchat plus Friendship Solar System. From the scorching heat of the Sun to the mysterious outer reaches of Pluto, each planet represents a unique connection and bond. It’s like embarking on a stellar adventure with your closest pals. The planets on Snapchat plus (and also in the actual solar system) are in this order, with the Mercury being closest to the sun, and Neptune being furthest away:

Mercury snapchat plus planets
Venus snapchat planets order
Earth snapchat + planet list
Jupiter snapchat planet list
Saturn snapchat + solar system order
Uranus snap.planet list
Neptune snap.planets in order

The order of Friend’s solar system is based upon the number of streak between you and your friend and shows the strength of the bond with that friend.

How Your Position Reflects Friendship Strength?

The positioning of your planet within their Friendship Solar System reflects the strength of your bond. The closer you are to the Sun, the stronger the connection. It’s like measuring the gravitational pull of your friendship, creating a unique and dynamic cosmic tapestry.

Just like the planets in the solar system, the closeness of friendship can be represented by their positions. The planet closest to the Sun, Mercury, can be considered the closest friend in the group. It’s like having a tight gravitational pull with that person, creating a strong bond that is hard to break.

The Streak Meter:

Here comes the fun twist! Instead of relying solely on proximity, There’s another factor: the number of streaks. Streaks are like shining stars in your friendship galaxy, representing the number of consecutive days you and your friend have exchanged snaps.

snap planet list

So, imagine that each planet’s size and brightness in the solar system is determined by the number of streaks they have. The more streaks, the bigger and brighter the planet becomes!


Mercury (the closest friend) has the highest number of streaks, it becomes the brightest and most prominent planet in the friendship solar system. It’s like having a blazing sun of friendship that lights up everyone’s day.


As we move outward from the Sun, the planets become progressively less bright and smaller, representing friends with fewer streaks. Venus might have a moderate number of streaks, making it a noticeable planet in the friendship galaxy but not as dazzling as Mercury.


Earth, being the third planet from the Sun, might have a decent number of streaks, signifying a solid friendship orbiting in the middle of the solar system.


Mars could have a few streaks, representing a fun and playful friend who adds a spark to your friendship universe.

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune:

As we journey to the outer reaches of the solar system, the planets become smaller and less bright. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune may represent friends with fewer streaks but still hold a special place in your friendship constellation. They may not be the closest friends, but their presence brings a unique flavor and charm to your cosmic circle.

So, in this fun-filled solar system of friendship, the planets’ positions and the number of streaks determine the dynamics of your celestial bonds. It’s a quirky and exciting way to represent the different levels of closeness and the streak-filled adventures you share with each friend in your orbit.

Fun Facts about Snapchat Solar System

The Snapchat premium feacture, Snapchat Solar System has following features.

  1. The Snapchat Solar System feature draws inspiration from our vast universe, assigning planets to represent the positions of your closest friends.
  2. Tapping on the planet badge in a friend’s Friendship Profile reveals your position in their Solar System, taking you on a cosmic journey through your friendship galaxy.
  3. Streaks in the Snapchat Solar System are like shooting stars, illuminating your planet and showcasing the strength of your friendship.
  4. Your position in a friend’s Solar System determines the closeness of your bond, with planets closer to the “Sun” representing stronger friendships.
  5. The Snapchat Solar System fuels friendly competition as you aim for top positions in your friend’s cosmic constellation.
  6. Your position in the Solar System can change, reflecting the dynamic nature of Snapchat friendships and allowing for constant cosmic adventure.
  7. The Snapchat Solar System celebrates the diversity of friendships, with planets having different streak counts, highlighting unique qualities.
  8. The Snapchat Solar System offers a playful and interactive way to engage with friends, creating a celestial playground for connection and exploration.
  9. The Snapchat Solar System reminds us that friendship is a cosmic journey, shaped by shared moments, laughter, and cherished memories.
  10. The Snapchat Solar System adds a touch of cosmic magic to your Snapchat experience, turning your friendships into a stellar adventure!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can my position in the Snapchat Solar System change?

A: Yes, your position can change based on your interactions and the strength of your Snapchat connections, making it a dynamic and ever-evolving feature.

Q: Are streaks important in the Snapchat Solar System?

A: Yes, streaks play a role in the Solar System as they represent the intensity and longevity of your Snapchat exchanges, influencing the brightness of your planet.

Q: Can I compete with my friends in the Snapchat Solar System?

A: Absolutely! The Solar System fosters friendly competition as you strive for higher positions in your friend’s constellation, adding an element of fun to your friendships.