Sent as SMS Via Server – What it Means and 5 Easy Solutions


Texting is a common form of communication in our daily lives. However, at times you might come across a notification stating, “Sent as SMS via Server.” What does this mean? How can you resolve this issue? This comprehensive guide will help demystify what “Sent as SMS via Server” means and provide you with easy solutions to common problems related to this phenomenon.

What does “Sent as SMS via Server” Mean?

Sent as SMS via Server” is a notification you receive when your message has been delivered to the recipient via the carrier’s server as a Short Message Service (SMS). This usually happens when an advanced messaging service like Rich Communication Services (RCS) is unavailable, and the text is sent as a traditional SMS.

What is a Server?

In the context of texting, a server refers to the mobile carrier’s system that facilitates the sending and receiving of messages. The server processes the request to send an SMS and delivers it to the recipient.

How do you Send an SMS via Server?

Here are the simple steps to send an SMS:

Step 1: Open your text messaging app.

Step 2: Click on the compose or new message icon.

Step 3: Type the recipient’s number or choose from contacts.

Step 4: Write your message in the text box.

Step 5: Click on the send icon.

The message is then sent to the carrier’s server, which subsequently delivers it to the recipient.

The Benefits of Sending SMS via Server

Sending an SMS via server has several benefits:

  • It ensures message delivery even if the internet connection is unavailable
  • It’s a universally compatible service that works on all types of mobile devices
  • It’s reliable and typically faster than internet-based messaging services

What is Rich Communication Services (RCS)?

Rich Communication Services (RCS) is an advanced protocol for sending messages, providing features like read receipts, typing indicators, and high-quality media sharing, similar to services like WhatsApp and iMessage, but through your carrier.

Understanding Text Receipt “Sent as SMS Server”

When you see a text receipt saying “Sent as SMS Server,” it means your message was delivered as a traditional SMS, usually due to the unavailability of RCS or other advanced messaging services.

Troubleshooting: How to Stop “Sent as SMS via Server” Notifications

Method 1: Enable “Show when Delivered” Option

Go to your messaging app settings > Advanced settings > More settings > Text messages > Delivery reports > Enable “Show when Delivered.”

Method 2: Enter the Safe Mode

Restart your phone and press the power and volume down buttons simultaneously until the logo appears. Then, select the ‘Safe mode’ option.

Method 3: Ensure RCS is Enabled on Both Devices

Both sender and receiver must have RCS enabled. Check this in your messaging app settings > Chat features.

Method 4: Check if the Receiver has Blocked you

If your messages are always sent as SMS, you might have been blocked. Test by sending a message to a different contact.

Method 5: Restart your Phone

This could solve any minor glitches. Simply hold down the power button and select ‘Restart.’

Conclusion: The Weird but Effective Methods to Fix “Sent as SMS via Server”

Understanding and troubleshooting the “Sent as SMS via Server” notification can seem daunting. However, by comprehending what this means and implementing the methods outlined above, you can easily navigate and resolve the issue. Remember, technology is here to simplify life, not complicate it!

Pro Tips

  1. Always update your messaging app to the latest version to avoid compatibility issues
  2. Regularly restart your phone to avoid minor glitches affecting your messaging service
  3. Check your internet connectivity if you’re relying on advanced messaging services like RCS


What does it mean when a text says sent SMS via server?

When a text says “sent SMS via server,” it means that your message has been sent to the recipient through the carrier’s server using the Short Message Service (SMS). This typically occurs when advanced messaging services, like Rich Communication Services (RCS), are not available.

Does SMS mean blocked?

Not necessarily. If your message is sent as an SMS, it does not automatically mean you have been blocked by the recipient. It could be that the recipient’s phone doesn’t support advanced messaging services or that they are temporarily unavailable due to network or software issues. However, if all your messages are consistently being sent as SMS to a particular contact, you might want to check if you’ve been blocked by sending a message to a different contact.

What is the difference between a text message and an SMS message?

Technically, “text message” is a general term that refers to a short message sent electronically to a device. SMS (Short Message Service) is a type of text messaging service that allows you to send short text messages of up to 160 characters to another device. The terms are often used interchangeably.

What is the difference between SMS status sent and delivered?

The “sent” status means that the SMS has been sent from your device and received by the carrier’s server. The “delivered” status, on the other hand, indicates that the SMS has been successfully delivered from the carrier’s server to the recipient’s device.

How does an SMS server work?

An SMS server is a middleware tool that sends and receives SMS messages. Here’s how it typically works:

The server is connected to a mobile network with access to an SMS Center (SMSC).

  • When you send an SMS, it is first received by the SMS server
  • The server then sends the message to the SMSC
  • The SMSC forwards the message to the recipient’s mobile carrier
  • The mobile carrier finally delivers the SMS to the recipient’s device

How long are SMS messages stored on servers?

The duration for which SMS messages are stored on servers can vary by carrier, but generally, they are kept for about three to five days. If the message is undeliverable within that period (due to the recipient’s phone being off or out of service range), the message may be deleted from the server.