How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S6 Overheating Issues


When you have a high-end smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S6, you expect top-notch performance. However, it’s not uncommon for users to encounter overheating issues with this device. Overheating can cause lagging, automatic shut-offs, and other problems that impede the device’s overall performance. This guide outlines comprehensive steps to solve these issues and ensure your Galaxy S6 functions optimally.

I. Why is My Samsung Galaxy S6 Overheating?

The Samsung Galaxy S6 may overheat due to various factors:

  • Excessive use of power-intensive applications
  • Continuous use while charging
  • Outdated software
  • Hardware issues

Understanding what causes your device to heat up is crucial to finding the right solution.

II. Quick Fixes for Overheating

Here are some simple steps to alleviate overheating:

  1. Remove Your Samsung Galaxy S6 Case: Cases can trap heat, causing your device to overheat. Remove your case and see if the situation improves
  2. Perform a Soft Reset on Your Phone: This involves simply restarting your device, which can solve minor software glitches contributing to overheating
  3. Disable Unused Features and Services: Features like Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth can heat up your device when left on unnecessarily. Turn them off when not in use
  4. Close All Running Apps: Having multiple apps running in the background can overwork your processor, causing it to overheat

III. Software Updates and Overheating

An outdated software can cause your Samsung Galaxy S6 to overheat. Ensure you have the latest updates installed:

  1. Go to Settings > Software update
  2. Tap on Download and Install

IV. Adjusting Settings to Reduce Overheating

Here are some settings adjustments to minimize overheating:

  1. Activate Night Mode: This feature reduces screen brightness, saving battery and reducing heat
  2. Reduce Screen Resolution: Go to Settings > Display > Screen resolution and select a lower resolution
  3. Turn Power Saving Mode On: This reduces your CPU’s workload, leading to less heat production
  4. Reduce the Screen Timeout: Shortening the length of time, your screen stays on when not in use can help reduce overheating

V. Dealing with Overheating During Charging

Overheating while charging can be addressed by:

  1. Using original chargers only
  2. Removing your phone case while charging
  3. Avoiding usage of the phone while it’s charging

VI. Comprehensive Troubleshooting Steps for a Hot and Overheating Samsung Galaxy S6

In case the overheating persists, you may need to take more extensive steps:

  1. Disable All Background Apps: These can consume a lot of power, leading to overheating
  2. Locate What’s Consuming your Battery and Terminate It: Check battery usage in Settings > Battery and close any unnecessary apps
  3. Boot your Device in Safe Mode: This can help identify if a third-party app is causing the overheating
  4. Perform a Factory Data Reset: This should be your last resort, as it will delete all data on your device

VII. Possible Long-Term Solutions for Overheating

If the problem persists, consider the following:

  1. Lower Screen Brightness or Turn It Off Completely
  2. Check What Apps Consume Most Power and uninstall them
  3. Avoid Using Your Device While Charging
  4. Consider Sending the Phone in for Repair or Replacement

VIII. Overheating and Notification Issues

Sometimes, after an update, Galaxy S6 notifications may stop working. A simple restart usually resolves this issue.

IX. Additional Remedies for Overheating

Other solutions to consider:

  1. Let the Phone Cool Down for a While
  2. Clean the Phone’s Cache
  3. Perform a Hard Reset on the Phone


Overheating can be a common issue with the Samsung Galaxy S6, but it’s usually fixable with a few adjustments. Whether you need to update your software, adjust your settings, or remove power-draining apps, these solutions should help keep your device cool and functioning optimally. If the overheating persists, consider seeking professional assistance.

Pro Tip 1: Frequently clear your cache to prevent overheating due to overloaded system resources.

Pro Tip 2: Avoid using live wallpapers and heavy widgets that put extra strain on the CPU.

Pro Tip 3: Always use original chargers and batteries to avoid damaging your phone and causing overheating.


Why is my Samsung Galaxy S6 getting so hot?

Overuse, continuous use while charging, outdated software, or hardware issues could be the reasons.

How do I stop my Samsung Galaxy from overheating?

There are many strategies, such as disabling unused features, closing running apps, reducing screen resolution, and turning on power-saving mode.

Why is my S6 edge getting hot?

The S6 edge can get hot due to the same reasons as the S6.

Why is my Samsung phone showing overheating?

Your Samsung phone may show overheating if it’s being overworked by many apps or if the battery or CPU is faulty.

How long can a Samsung S6 last?

With proper care, the Samsung S6 can last for about five years.

Can overheating damage your phone?

Yes, continuous overheating can damage the battery, screen, and other components of your phone.

How do I stop my phone from overheating permanently?

Adopt strategies like reducing screen brightness, using the power-saving mode, avoiding overuse while charging, and keeping software up-to-date.

Does using the phone while charging cause overheating?

Yes, using your phone while charging can contribute to overheating.

What is the Safe Mode on my Samsung S6?

Safe Mode allows you to operate your phone without any third-party apps running, which helps in troubleshooting overheating issues.

Can a software update cause overheating?

Sometimes, a faulty or incompatible software update can cause your device to overheat.