How to Translate WhatsApp Messages Automatically


Instant translation in WhatsApp has brought a revolution to the way we communicate with people worldwide. It allows for quick and accurate translations of text in real time, eliminating language barriers and promoting effective communication.

Methods to Translate WhatsApp Messages

There are several methods to translate WhatsApp messages.

Method 1: Using Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard has an in-built translation feature.

 Step 1: Download and install the Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard app from the App Store or Google Play Store
 Step 2: Set it as your default keyboard in your phone settings
 Step 3: Open WhatsApp and begin typing. You will see a translation icon on the keyboard. Click it and choose your desired language

Method 2: Using WhatsApp Web with Browser Extensions

 Step 1: Open WhatsApp Web on your computer and log in by scanning the QR code from your mobile device
 Step 2: Download a browser extension like ‘Google Translate’ for Chrome
 Step 3: Highlight the message you want to translate and click the translate icon

Method 3: Using AI-Powered Translation Bots

 Step 1: Add a translation bot to your WhatsApp contacts (e.g., “TransBot”)
 Step 2: Start a chat with the bot and send the message you want to translate
 Step 3: The bot will automatically translate the text and send it back to you

Method 4: Using Google Translate App

 Step 1: Install the Google Translate app
 Step 2: Copy the WhatsApp message you want to translate
 Step 3: Open Google Translate and paste the copied text. The app will translate the text for you

Method 5: Using Third-Party Translation Apps

There are several third-party apps available on both iOS and Android that can translate WhatsApp messages.

Specific Translation Techniques

How to Translate WhatsApp Messages Automatically

Some translation apps, like “Chat Translator,” can automatically translate incoming messages. Download the app, grant it access to your notifications, and it will translate incoming WhatsApp messages in real-time.

How to Translate WhatsApp Messages Using Gboard

 Step 1: Download Gboard from the App Store or Google Play Store
 Step 2: Enable it in your settings and set it as your default keyboard
 Step 3: When typing in WhatsApp, click the Google icon on your keyboard, then the translation icon. Choose the language in which you want to translate

How to Use WhatsApp Messages Automatically Using Google Translate

 Step 1: Copy the message you want to translate
 Step 2: Open Google Translate and paste the message
 Step 3: Choose the desired language and view the translation

How to Use WhatsApp Messages Automatically Using Chat Translator

Chat Translator is an app that can automatically translate your WhatsApp messages.

 Step 1: Download the app and grant the necessary permissions
 Step 2: The app will automatically translate any incoming messages

Top Ways to Automatically Translate WhatsApp Messages

Use Google Translate to Automatically Translate WhatsApp Messages

The Tap to Translate feature in Google Translate can translate WhatsApp messages in real-time. Enable it in the Google Translate settings.

Use Gboard to Translate WhatsApp Messages

As mentioned earlier, Gboard can translate WhatsApp messages as you type them.

How to Enable Live Translate on WhatsApp

WhatsApp does not currently support a live translate feature.

How to Use Live Translate on WhatsApp

As of now, WhatsApp does not have a live translate feature. You will have to use external tools and apps.

Additional Tips

How to Change the Language on WhatsApp

 Step 1: Open WhatsApp
 Step 2: Go to “Settings” > “Chats” > “App Language
 Step 3: Choose your desired language


With technology bridging language gaps, it’s easier than ever to communicate with people worldwide. With multiple methods to translate WhatsApp messages, you can easily break down language barriers and connect with others, no matter their language.

Pro Tips

1.Use Gboard or Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard for seamless translation while typing messages
2.The Google Translate app’s Tap to Translate feature is a very handy tool for translating messages directly from your notification shade
3.For WhatsApp Web users, browser extensions like Google Translate can be beneficial


How do I get WhatsApp to translate automatically?

Use apps like Chat Translator or use the Tap to Translate feature in Google Translate.

What is the best way to translate WhatsApp messages?

It depends on your preference. You can use in-built keyboard translators, Google Translate, or translation bots.

How do I auto-translate messages?

Using a translation app like Google Translate or Chat Translator can help you auto-translate messages.

How do I automatically translate line messages?

You can use the same translation apps to translate Line messages.

Does WhatsApp automatically translate?

No, WhatsApp does not have a built-in translation feature. You’ll have to use third-party apps or keyboards.

Can WhatsApp translate messages?

Not directly, but you can use other apps or keyboard translation features to do so.

How to translate in WhatsApp?

Use keyboards like Gboard or SwiftKey, translation apps, or translation bots.

Does WhatsApp have a translator?

No, but third-party apps can translate for you.

What is the best translator for WhatsApp?

It’s subjective and depends on your needs, but Google Translate and Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard are popular choices.

Can I change the language in WhatsApp?

Yes, you can change the app language in WhatsApp settings.