How to Check Hours Played on Valorant


The first-person shooter (FPS) game Valorant was created by Riot Games and is widely played for free. As soon as it was created and was available in June 2020, it attracted an impressive number of fans. Strategic team-based gameplay, accurate gunplay, and unique traits and powers are all combined in this game.

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Valorant sets two teams of five players against one another, with one team playing as the “Attackers” and the other as the “Defenders.” It typically entails either detonating or planting a bomb (in the game, the “Spike”) or eliminating the opposing squad.


  • Character-based gameplay is one of Valorant’s unique qualities
  • Players can choose from a wide variety of agents, each of whom has special skills, gameplay preferences, and ultimate powers
  • These skills can be offensive ones, like setting up explosive zones or disclosing enemy positions, or defensive ones like healing or building barriers
  • The focus of the game is on strategic decision-making, teamwork, and communication
  • It combines components from classic first-person shooters with skills found in games like Overwatch or Rainbow Six Siege
  • A major focus on accurate gunplay and tactical positioning is also seen in valiant
  • With a competitive ranked mode that allows players to move up the ladder and professional tournaments, Valorant has become more well-known as an esports game

Competitive Nature

One of Valorant’s distinguishing characteristics is its competitive nature, which draws a lot of gamers looking for intense and strategic action. Here are some things to think about when discussing Valorant’s competitive nature.

  1. Playing with skills
  2. Tactical partnership
  3. Sorted order
  4. Esports industry
  5. Competitive pairing
  6. Steady growth
  7. Opportunities for competition
  8. Expectations for esports

how to check hours on valorant
Tracking Time

Tracking your gameplay time in Valorant might give you useful information about your gaming habits and assist you with time management. You can monitor your gameplay time in Valorant using the following techniques:

  1. In-game statistics: Valorant offers a few statistics that can help you determine how much time you’ve spent playing. The number of games played, the total amount of time played, and the average length of a game are some examples of these statistics. These stats can be found in the profile area or the post-match summary displays
  2. Third-party technology: You may track the amount of time you spend playing Valorant using a number of third-party software programmes and websites. These programmes frequently offer more in-depth statistics and may have tools like session tracking, playtime charts, and historical information. Blitz, Mobalytics, and Tracker Network are a few well-liked choices
  3. Manual tracking: In Valorant, you may manually track your gameplay time if you want a more hands-on approach. You can keep track of how long your gaming sessions last by using a simple timer or stopwatch
  4. Screen time tracking: Using screen time tracking technologies built into your smartphone or operating system is another indirect way to determine how much time you spent playing gaming

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Benefits of Tracking Playtime

In Valorant, keeping track of your playtime has a number of advantages that can enhance both your gaming and general well-being. The following are some advantages of monitoring playtime in Valorant:

  1. Self-awareness: It enables you to better understand how much time you’re spending on gaming and whether it fits with your intended objectives or the balance you want with other activities
  2. Time management: By keeping track of your playtime, you can better arrange and distribute your time. You can plan and organise other commitments, like job, academics, family time, or personal hobbies, without abandoning them if you are aware of how much time you spend playing Valorant
  3. Setting limits: By doing this, you can prevent your gaming behaviour from getting out of control or interfering with other elements of your life
  4. Maintaining a healthy balance: By being aware of the time you invest in Valorant, you can make conscious decisions to engage in other activities that promote physical, mental, and social well-being
  5. Setting priorities: Valorant encourages your professional advancement, skill improvement, or enjoyment. You can make changes to make sure that your gaming time is consistent with your larger goals
  6. Recognising patterns and habits: You can determine whether you prefer to play more frequently at particular periods of the day, week, or month
  7. Promoting self- discipline: It urges you to keep to your planned gaming limitations and refrain from excessive or impulsive playtime. Self-discipline acquired through gaming can be applied to other aspects of life as well
  8. Enhanced enjoyment: You may completely commit to the game during your scheduled play times without feeling guilty or concerned about neglecting other commitments by controlling your time and maintaining a good balance

Overall, Valorant’s playtime tracking features help you stay balanced, be more aware of your gaming tendencies, and make deliberate decisions about how to spend your free time. It encourages a happier, healthier gaming experience while making sure that other areas of your life get the attention they need.


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By utilising, you may figure out how long you’ve been playing Valorant by doing the following:

Step 1

Start your web browser and browse (

Step 2

Type “Valorant” into the search box at the top of the website and choose it from the drop-down option that appears.

Step 3

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There are a number of game-related tabs and sections on the Valorant page. Find and select the “Profile” or “Stats” tab.

Step 4

You must input your Valorant username in the profile or stats section. Enter your login in the space provided and, if necessary, your platform or area.

Step 5

To continue, click “Search” or “Find” after entering your username and choosing your area.

Step 6

Your Valorant profile or statistics will now be visible on the website. Look for a section that lists the number of hours you’ve spent playing. Depending on how the website is designed, the precise location and label could change.

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Step 7

The playtime or hours played information is typically shown as the total number of hours invested in the game. The displayed value, which shows how many hours you have played Valorant, should be noted.

Utilise Blitz App

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There is another way to track your time by using Blitz App; here are the following steps:

Step 1

Install Blitz: Download and install the Blitz app from the official website ( Blitz is a third-party app that provides various features for tracking and analyzing gameplay across multiple games, including Valorant.

Step 2

Setup Valorant tracking: Open the Blitz application and follow the on-screen directions to link your Valorant account to Blitz. Blitz will be able to collect game data and offer insights into your gameplay as a result.

Step 3

View gameplay statistics: Once you’ve participated in a few matches in Valorant, you may access the Blitz app to view your gameplay statistics. Blitz keeps track of a variety of performance-related indicators, including win rate, K/D ratio, and other data. Be aware though, that it might not give a precise playtime breakdown in hours.

Step 4

You can manually compute your playtime if you precisely want to know how many hours you’ve invested in Valorant. Find out when you first began playing Valorant and note the day you stopped keeping track of your progress.

Step 5

Then, record the duration of each gaming session using a stopwatch or any other time-tracking tool. Sum up the durations to get an estimate of your total playtime.

How Much Time Have I Spent in Valorant?

Even though you could believe it to be your final game, you yet decide to play “one more.” The regular “one mores” frequently extend gameplay by several hours.

Playing VALORANT causes you to spend a lot more time than you planned. You decide if that’s a good or bad thing. However, we have you covered if you want to keep track of the precise amount of time you’ve spent playing the game.

Reflecting on the Hours Invested

My abilities to think strategically, work well with others, communicate, solve problems, and adapt have all improved as a result of the hours I’ve spent playing video games.

I’ve learned about time management, self-control, putting boundaries in place, and achieving a balance between my gaming and other responsibilities. You can use these lessons in various areas of your life in addition to gaming.


In conclusion, keeping a measure of how much time is spent playing Valorant might provide important details about a person’s gaming preferences and personal priorities. While engaging in social activities and hobbies is important, it is also crucial to maintain a healthy balance and make time for other facets of life. People can manage their leisure activities wisely and ensure that gaming continues to be a source of delight without compromising other important obligations and commitments by being aware of the time spent playing Valorant.


Q1. How can I keep track of how long I’ve been playing Valorant?

Ans: You may monitor your playing time in Valorant using a variety of techniques. You can look at your in-game statistics, which frequently include how much time you’ve spent playing. There are other playtime tracking capabilities available on various gaming platforms and third-party apps.

Q2. Why is figuring out how much time I’ve spent playing Valorant significant?

Ans: You can evaluate your gaming habits and maintain a good balance between gaming and other activities by knowing how much time you spend on Valorant. Making wise choices about how to successfully manage your time is made possible by it.

Q3. How much time is considered appropriate for playing Valorant?

Ans: For each person, a “healthy gaming time” means something different. It depends on elements, including individual obligations, priorities, and general well-being. In general, it is advised to set aside a manageable amount of time for gaming, taking care to avoid having it conflict with other important facets of life like employment, school, relationships, and physical activity.

Q4. Can too much time spent playing Valorant be detrimental?

Ans: Excessive gaming has the potential to have harmful effects on relationships, physical and mental health, and ignoring obligations. To minimise these risks, it’s essential to keep a healthy balance and limit your gaming time.

Q5. How do I properly manage my time when playing Valorant?

Ans: Create a timetable that includes setting aside time for Valorous and other vital activities if you want to manage your time successfully. Set time limitations that are reasonable for your gaming sessions, take pauses, and take care of other duties or hobbies. Setting priorities and establishing a well-balanced routine will assist you in keeping a positive attitude toward the game.

Q6. Are there any tools or resources that can be used to track and control the amount of time I spend gaming?

Ans: Yes, a number of tools and services are available to help you keep track of and manage your gaming time. Numerous programmes and applications can assist in monitoring and limiting your gaming sessions, and some gaming platforms include built-in time-tracking tools. To identify what works, it is worthwhile to investigate these choices.