Fixing “There was a Problem Parsing the Package” on Android

Fixing “There was a Problem Parsing the Package” on Android


Android, one of the most popular mobile operating systems globally, has a vast application ecosystem. Occasionally, while installing an app, especially from sources other than the Google Play Store, users might encounter an error stating, “There was a problem parsing the package.” Essentially, this issue is associated with APK files, which are Android application packages necessary for installing software on the platform.

This comprehensive guide aims to provide detailed solutions to fix the “parsing package” error and prevent any hitches during your Android app installation process.

Understanding the Parsing Package Problem

Android Error: “There was a Problem Parsing the Package”

This error, also known as a parse error, occurs when your Android device is unable to install an APK file. The term ‘parsing’ essentially refers to the device’s interpretation of the file’s code before its execution. When the system encounters any issues during this interpretation, it returns a “There was a problem parsing the package” error.

Part 1: Potential Causes and Quick Fixes

The App is Not Compatible with OS

This issue often arises if you’re trying to install an app not compatible with your Android OS version.

Quick fix: Always check the app’s minimum OS requirements before installation.

Redownload the APK if you Have a Corrupted APK File

Another common reason for a parse error is a corrupted APK file.

Quick fix: Re-download the APK file from a trusted source and try installing it again.

Part 2: Detailed Solutions

Turn on “Allow Installation of Apps from Unknown Sources”

To install apps from sources outside of the Play Store, you need to enable this option in your settings.


  1. Open ‘Settings’ on your device
  2. Navigate to ‘Security’
  3. Enable ‘Unknown Sources’ option

Enable USB Debugging on Android

USB debugging allows your Android device to communicate with a computer, which could potentially fix the parsing issue.


  1. Go to ‘Settings’ and then ‘About phone’
  2. Tap ‘Software Information’ and then ‘Build number’ seven times
  3. Return to the main ‘Settings’ page, and you’ll see ‘Developer Options’
  4. Inside ‘Developer Options’, enable ‘USB Debugging’

Disable Antivirus on Android Devices

Antivirus software may interfere with app installations.

Quick Fix: Temporarily disable any antivirus software on your device, then try the installation again.

Clear Cache Cookies in Play Store

Cached data can sometimes lead to issues like the parse error.


  1. Go to ‘Settings’ then ‘Apps’
  2. Scroll to find the ‘Google Play Store’ app
  3. Tap on ‘Storage’ then ‘Clear Cache’ and ‘Clear Data’

Download the APK from Another Source

A corrupt APK file could be the root cause of the parse error.

Quick Fix: Download the APK file from a different trusted source.

Update your Android Version to Fix the Parse Error Issue

Outdated Android versions might not support some APK files, causing the parse error.

Quick Fix: Update your Android OS to the latest version available for your device.

Specific Solutions

Fix there was a Problem Parsing the Package on Samsung

Samsung users can try all the mentioned solutions. If none of them work, resetting the device to its factory settings (after backing up all data) might solve the issue.

Additional Tips

Bonus Tip: How to Transfer Apps from Android to PC/Mac Computer

Using software like Dr.Fone – Phone Manager, you can easily transfer your apps.


  1. Install and open the Dr.Fone – Phone Manager on your PC/Mac
  2. Connect your Android device via USB
  3. Select the ‘Apps’ tab and choose the apps you want to transfer
  4. Click ‘Export’ to move your apps to your computer

Find an Alternative to your App

If you are still unable to install the desired app, you might want to consider looking for an alternative app with similar features on the Google Play Store.

Part 3: Advanced Solution

A Great Way to Keep All your App Safe and Other Data on your Android Device

One of the best ways to keep your apps and data safe is by regular backups. Using apps like Google Drive, Dropbox, or any reliable third-party app, you can schedule automatic backups.


The “There was a problem parsing the package” error is a common issue faced by Android users worldwide. While it can be frustrating, we hope that with the help of this comprehensive guide, you can quickly diagnose and resolve the problem.

Remember that the key is to be patient and try all the suggested solutions. The solution might be as simple as enabling installations from unknown sources or as advanced as needing a system update. Now, you should be well-equipped to address any parsing issues that come your way in the future.

Pro Tips

  1. Always download APK files from reputable sources to avoid corrupt files or potential security risks
  2. Regularly update your Android OS and apps to ensure compatibility and smooth functionality
  3. Always back up your data before performing significant changes like OS updates or factory resets


How do I fix parsing package error in Android?

There are multiple ways to fix this error, including enabling installations from unknown sources, disabling antivirus software, and updating your Android OS.

How do you fix there was a problem parsing the package?

The same solutions apply here. Also, try clearing your Google Play Store cache, or redownload the APK file from a different source.

Why does it say problem parsing package?

This error occurs when your Android device cannot interpret or parse an APK file’s code during the installation process.

How do I fix an APK app not installed?

Make sure the app is compatible with your Android version, the APK file is not corrupted, and you have allowed installations from unknown sources.

How do I stop parsing?

You cannot “stop parsing” as it is an inherent part of the app installation process. You can only resolve errors that prevent parsing from completing successfully.

What is the meaning of APK?

APK stands for Android Package Kit. It’s the package file format used by the Android operating system for the distribution and installation of mobile apps and middleware.

Why can’t I install APK on my Android?

There could be several reasons, including a corrupt APK file, not enough storage space, or the app may not be compatible with your Android version.

Can antivirus software cause the parse error?

Yes, some antivirus software can interfere with the installation of apps, causing the parse error.

How do I update my Android version?

You can update your Android version in the settings menu. Go to ‘Settings’, then ‘About phone’, and finally ‘Software updates’.

What does “Used com google android packageinstaller” mean?

It’s a system app on Android that’s used to install or uninstall any apps on your device. If you’re seeing this message, it means that this app has recently been used to modify apps on your device.