How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Life Issues (Draining Too Fast)


The Samsung Galaxy S6, although an excellent device, is known to have some issues with battery life. Many users report quick battery drain, slow charging, and rapid loss of battery power. If you’ve been asking yourself “Why is my Galaxy S6 dying so fast?” or “Why is my S6 battery draining so fast?”, then this guide is for you. We’ll walk you through the steps to diagnose and fix these battery life issues to help you make the most out of your device. Remember, before proceeding with any of these steps, always make sure to backup your data.

Step 1: Understanding Battery Issues on Samsung Galaxy S6

Understanding why your Samsung Galaxy S6 battery drains quickly can be attributed to various factors, including fast battery drain issues, the device not charging, losing battery power fast, slow charging, and only charging when on ultra power saving mode.

Fast Battery Drain Issue

A fast battery drain could be due to running heavy applications, having your screen brightness too high, or leaving Bluetooth, WiFi, or GPS on all the time.

Galaxy S6 Active Not Charging

If your Galaxy S6 is not charging, this could be due to a faulty charging cable or adapter or a problem with the charging port on the device itself.

Step 2: Analyzing Battery Usage and Health

Identifying what is draining your battery is crucial to resolving these issues. Use the stock battery usage indicator to get an overview of which apps and services are consuming the most power.

Using Stock Battery Usage Indicator

To view your battery usage on Samsung Galaxy S6, go to Settings > Battery > Battery Usage. Here you can see which apps and services are consuming the most power.

Identifying the Most Consuming Applications

Apps running in the background can drastically reduce battery life. To manage these, go to Settings > Applications > Application Manager. Tap on the app, then select ‘Force Stop’.

Step 3: Optimizing Samsung Galaxy S6 to Improve Battery Life

Optimization is key in improving your Galaxy S6’s battery life. Here’s how to do it.

Checking for Software Updates

Go to Settings > About device > Software updates. If an update is available, backup your data and then install it.

Adjusting Screen Brightness and Timeout Settings

Reducing your screen brightness and setting a shorter screen timeout can save battery life. Go to Settings > Display > Brightness to adjust the screen brightness. For screen timeout, go to Settings > Display > Screen timeout.

Step 4: Advanced Measures to Resolve Battery Problems

If basic optimization doesn’t help, consider these advanced measures.

Restarting your Device in Safe Mode

Safe mode can help identify if a third-party app is causing your battery to drain. To enter safe mode, press and hold the Power button and Volume Down button simultaneously.

Enabling Night Mode and Adaptive Battery

Night mode and adaptive battery can significantly reduce battery consumption. Go to Settings > Display > Night Mode to enable it. For adaptive battery, go to Settings > Battery > Adaptive Battery.

Step 5: When to Consider a New Phone

If none of the above steps help, your Galaxy S6 might need a replacement.

Signs your Samsung Galaxy S6 Might Need a Replacement

Signs that your device might need a replacement include excessive heating, constant crashes, and drastic battery drain even after a full charge.


While the Samsung Galaxy S6 is a robust and reliable device, like all technology, it can have its problems. Battery life issues can be frustrating, but with the above steps, you can diagnose and remedy the most common problems. Keep in mind that if none of these steps help, it might be time to consider upgrading to a newer model.

Pro Tips

  1. Limit Push Notifications: Each notification wakes your device, draining battery life. Limit them in Settings > Sound and notification > App notifications
  2. Use Power Saving Mode: This mode reduces your device’s performance and limits background data to extend battery life
  3. Close Unused Apps: Regularly closing unused apps can save a lot of battery life. Simply tap the Recent Apps button and close the apps you are not using


Why is my Galaxy S6 dying so fast?

Your Galaxy S6 could be dying fast due to various reasons, such as outdated software, battery-intensive apps running in the background, high screen brightness, and enabled features like Bluetooth, WiFi, and GPS.

How do I stop my Galaxy S6 from draining its battery?

You can stop your Galaxy S6 from draining the battery by adjusting your screen brightness and timeout settings, limiting push notifications, using the power-saving mode, closing unused apps, and regularly checking for software updates. It’s also beneficial to identify and manage power-hungry apps.

How do I stop my Samsung battery from draining so fast?

Similar to the Galaxy S6, you can stop your Samsung battery from draining so fast by keeping your software updated, managing your screen brightness and timeout settings, limiting the use of power-hungry apps, and using features like power saving mode.

Why is my Samsung battery draining so fast all of a sudden?

Sudden battery drain could be due to a recent software update that has bugs, an app that’s misbehaving, or your device constantly trying to get a signal in a low-signal area. It’s also possible that your battery is getting old and losing its capacity to hold a charge.

How long should a Samsung S6 battery last?

The Samsung Galaxy S6 comes with a 2550mAh battery. With moderate usage, it should last for a full day. However, battery life can vary based on usage patterns, signal strength, and the age of the battery.

How do I reset my Samsung S6 battery?

There’s no built-in option to “reset” a battery in the sense of restoring it to its original capacity. If your battery life is poor, you can try all the steps mentioned above to optimize your device’s power use. If these steps don’t help, the battery itself may be worn out, and replacing the battery or the device may be necessary.