What is FaceService, and what is it for? (Android)

1. Introduction

FaceService, also known as com.samsung.faceservice, is a system app on Android devices, particularly those produced by Samsung. This built-in software serves a crucial role in these devices’ facial recognition and unlocking features.

2. Purpose of FaceService

FaceService is primarily responsible for managing facial recognition on your Android device. It processes and stores facial data, enabling you to unlock your device or access certain apps using your face. With com.samsung.faceservice, these biometric features may work correctly.

3. FaceService Permissions

FaceService’s permissions depend mainly on facial recognition technology’s needs. It typically has access to your device’s camera (to capture facial data), storage (to store this data), and system settings (to turn the face on/off unlock feature).

4. FaceService Management

Can I uninstall FaceService?

Since FaceService is a system app, it cannot be uninstalled without rooting the device. However, if it’s causing issues, you can disable it in the application manager.

What to do if FaceService consumes too much battery?

You can check your device’s battery usage in the settings. If FaceService drains the battery, consider temporarily disabling the facial recognition feature.

What to do if FaceService runs in the background, or is that normal?

FaceService running in the background is normal as it needs to check for face data constantly. However, if it’s causing performance issues, consider disabling it.

5. Common Issues with FaceService

A common issue with FaceService is the “Faceservice Has Stopped Working” error message. This could occur for several reasons, such as software glitches, outdated firmware, or corrupted app data.

6. Troubleshooting FaceService

Here are several solutions for the “Com.samsung.faceservice Has Stopped” error:

Step 1: Clear Cache

● Go to Settings > Apps > FaceService

● Tap on “Storage” then “Clear Cache”

Step 2: Hard Reset Android

● Ensure to back up your data first.

● Follow your device’s instructions to perform a factory reset.

Step 3: Flash Stock Firmware

● This process involves reinstalling your device’s operating system. It should only be performed by experienced users.

Step 4: Disable Faceservice Using Package Disabler Pro

● Download and install the app from the Google Play Store

● Search for “FaceService” and tap “Disable”

Step 5: Using The Root Explorer To Delete The Faceservice App Permanently

● This requires root access. Be cautious, as this could void your warranty.

7. Conclusion

FaceService, or com.samsung.faceservice, is an integral part of the facial recognition features on Android devices. It’s generally safe and valuable, but it can occasionally run into issues like any other app. These problems can often be resolved quickly and effectively with the correct troubleshooting steps.

Pro Tips

  1. Regularly updating your Android device can prevent issues with system apps like FaceService.
  2. Always back up your data before performing significant changes, such as a factory reset or flashing stock firmware.
  3. Before rooting your device, consider the risks and remember it can void your warranty.


What is face service on my phone?

Face Service on your phone is responsible for processing and storing your facial data for biometric features.

How do I enable Face ID on Android apps?

To enable Face ID, click Settings > Security > Face Recognition, and follow the prompts.

What is the AASA app?

AASA is not related to FaceService. It’s an acronym for different apps, depending on the context.

Why is FaceService draining my battery?

FaceService could drain your battery if facial recognition is frequently used. Disabling the feature may help conserve battery life.

Is it normal for FaceService to run in the background?

FaceService needs to run in the background for facial recognition to work effectively.

What causes the “Faceservice Has Stopped Working” error?

This error can be due to software glitches, outdated firmware, or corrupted app data.

How can I fix the “Faceservice Has Stopped Working” error?

You can clear the app cache, perform a hard reset, or disable the app.

What is com.samsung.faceservice used for

Com.samsung.faceservice manages facial recognition and unlocking features on Samsung Android devices.