What is EpdgTestApp and what is it for? (Android)


The EpdgTestApp is a software component present on Android devices, primarily those produced by Samsung. This pre-installed system application is primarily concerned with facilitating Wi-Fi calling functionality.

Dive into EpdgTestApp

What is Epdg Test App on Android?

The Epdg Test App on Android is a system app typically found on Samsung smartphones. Epdg stands for Evolved Packet Data Gateway, which plays a crucial role in enabling Wi-Fi calling features.

What is com.sec.epdg App?

com.sec.epdg is the package name of the EpdgTestApp. The prefix ‘com.sec’ suggests that the application is a secure one from the company, in this case, Samsung.

Is the App Important to your Android Phone?

This largely depends on your use of Wi-Fi calling. If you frequently use Wi-Fi calling, the EpdgTestApp is essential, as it ensures this service runs smoothly.

Understanding Application Permissions

What Permissions does the EpdgTestApp Have?

As a system application, the EpdgTestApp has the necessary permissions to access and modify certain system settings related to network access, specifically Wi-Fi calling.

Evaluating App Safety

Is Epdg Test App Safe?

Yes, the Epdg Test App is safe. As a system application from Samsung, it is secure and does not pose any threats to your device.

Is the EpdgTestApp a Safe Application, or is it a Virus?

The EpdgTestApp is a safe application and not a virus. However, like any other app, it’s essential to ensure you’re not downloading a counterfeit version of this app from untrusted sources.

Addressing EpdgTestApp Issues

How to Fix the “com.sec.epdg Has Stopped” Error?

Step 1: Go to your phone settings. Step 2: Scroll down to Apps or Application Manager and open it. Step 3: Find the EpdgTestApp or com.sec.epdg and tap on it. Step 4: Tap on Force Stop, then clear the cache and data. Step 5: Restart your device.

How to Fix Epdg Test App on your Phone?

Follow the steps provided above to solve most problems related to Epdg Test App on your phone.

Dealing with EpdgTestApp

Can I Uninstall Epdg Test App?

As a system app, the EpdgTestApp cannot be uninstalled without root access. However, you can disable it if it is causing issues and you do not use Wi-Fi calling.


Understanding the Com App Package on Android is crucial for getting the most out of your device and troubleshooting common issues. The EpdgTestApp is one such system app that is integral for Wi-Fi calling.

Pro Tips

1.Wi-Fi calling can be a great solution for low signal areas. However, if you’re not using it, disabling EpdgTestApp can help improve your device’s performance
2.Avoid third-party app stores when downloading apps to ensure your device’s safety
3.Clear cache and data regularly for your apps. This can solve many common app-related issues


What is Samsung MobileWips?

Samsung MobileWips is a security app on Samsung devices. It provides Wi-Fi security and prevents unauthorized network access.

What is the EpdgTestApp on Android?

EpdgTestApp is a system app on Android, typically found on Samsung smartphones, that facilitates Wi-Fi calling functionality.

What is com.sec.epdg app?

Com.sec.epdg is the package name of the EpdgTestApp, a system application on Samsung Android devices.

Is the Epdg Test App important for my Android phone?

If you frequently use Wi-Fi calling, the Epdg Test App is vital for your device.

What permissions does the EpdgTestApp have?

EpdgTestApp has the necessary permissions to access and modify certain system settings related to Wi-Fi calling.

Is Epdg Test App safe?

Yes, Epdg Test App is a safe system application from Samsung.

How can I fix the “com.sec.epdg has stopped” error?

You can fix this by forcestopping the app, clearing the cache and data, and then restarting your device.

Can I uninstall the Epdg Test App?

Epdg Test App cannot be uninstalled without root access. However, it can be disabled.

What is the function of Epdg in Wi-Fi calling?

Epdg (Evolved Packet Data Gateway) is part of the infrastructure that allows your calls to be routed over Wi-Fi.

Why can’t I see EpdgTestApp in my list of applications?

As a system app, EpdgTestApp may not be visible in your regular list of apps. You can find it in the list of system apps in your settings.