What Is the DCB_ASSOCIATION Message and How To Disable It ?

dcb association

What is DCB Association?

DCB full form is Direct Carrier Billing and Association, here means a relationship or collaborative connection between people and groups. DCB_Association is a simple online receipt you get after purchasing from Google Play Store. Moreover, you get these DCB_ASSOCIATION messages when you connect your mobile phone number to your Google Play Store account and enable direct billing.

what is dcb association

It is worth mentioning that when you subscribe to apps or make in-app purchases from the Google Play Store, the purchase goes to your mobile phone bill. Direct Carrier Billing (DCB_Association) is a common alternative to credit and debit card billing.

With the Google Play Direct Carrier billing, you can buy the followings:

  • Apps
  • Online games
  • Virtual and in-app goods
  • Online magazine, e-book, and music streaming subscriptions

What Is a DCB_Association Text Message?

If you are wondering what is DCB_Association Text Message, it is worth mentioning that it is a mystery to several mobile users. It is a text which is sent by Google Play Store to a user, notifying him about a transaction through his carrier.

Usually, you people use credit cards and bank accounts for Google Play Store transactions. The good thing is that now if you use your carrier system to run Google transactions, you will get a short dcb_association text message such as;


What Is a DCB_Association Text Message?

How DCB_Association Works?

When an Android mobile user attempts payment for an app or even in-app services using the Google Play Store, they get a DCB_Association to make a random code for the purchase. So, when you get the DCB_Association text message, it means whether the user or purchaser has selected the payment through the service provider rather than a standard credit or debit card.

Once the purchaser/user has successfully made the payment, then the generates the specific coded text to the mobile network provider. Moreover, the text includes digit or text assists in order to recognize the correct and authenticated phone number, request id, google account, etc. The main aim of the coded message is to help the carrier provider to recognize the transaction history easily.

How to Remove DCB Association Via Google Play Store?

Below are the steps to remove DCB Association via Google Play Store:

Step 1: First, make sure to go and open the Google Play store

dcb association

Step 2: Now, choose te menu situated at the top-left corner (3 horizontal lines)

dcb association

Step 3: Next, click on payment and subscription

dcb association

Step 4: Next, click on Payment Methods

dcb association

Step 5: Click on the option, more payment settings at the bottom of the menu

dcb association

Step 6: Next, it will open the browser, and you will be directed to the Google payment code.

Step 7: Lastly, click on the remove button next to your provider. You have now just removed the DCB Association messages from your Google Play Store.

dcb association

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are the FAQs about what is the DCB_ASSOCIATION message? Is it Hacking Attempt:

Q1: What is a DCB_ASSOCIATION message?

Ans: A DCB_ASSOCIATION message is a service text linked to Direct Carrier Billing (DCB). The receipt confirms that the purchase cost will be added to the user’s next mobile phone bill.

Q2: Is receiving a DCB_ASSOCIATION message a sign of a hacking attempt?

Ans: Not necessarily. While it is common to receive a DCB_ASSOCIATION message after making a purchase through DCB, receiving such a message without making a purchase might indicate unauthorized activity.

Q3: How does DCB_ASSOCIATION work?

Ans: When a user makes a purchase and chooses ‘Direct Carrier Billing’ as the payment option, a DCB_ASSOCIATION message is automatically generated and sent to the user, confirming the purchase and the charge to the user’s mobile phone bill.

Q4: How do I turn off Direct Carrier Billing/DCB_ASSOCIATION?

Ans: You can turn off Direct Carrier Billing by navigating to ‘Payment Methods’ in the Google Play Store app menu, selecting ‘Use Telco Billing’, and following the instructions to disable it.

Q5: How do I remove the DCB_ASSOCIATION payment method from the Google Play Store?

Ans: In the ‘Payment Methods’ section of the Google Play Store app menu, locate the DCB_ASSOCIATION or Direct Carrier Billing method and tap ‘Remove’.

Q6: How can I stop receiving DCB_ASSOCIATION text messages?

Ans: You can stop these messages by either turning off DCB in your Google Play Store app or by contacting your mobile carrier and requesting them to stop these messages.

Q7: Can I get a refund after reporting unsolicited text messages?

Ans: Refund policies vary depending on your mobile carrier and the service from which the purchase was made. You will need to contact them directly for information regarding refunds.

Q8: What happens when I disable DCB_ASSOCIATION?

Ans: Once you disable DCB_ASSOCIATION, future purchases will no longer be billed to your mobile phone account. You will need to select a different payment method for future purchases.


Ans: DCB_ASSOCIATION is as secure as any other online transaction. However, monitoring these transactions and your phone bill for any unauthorized charges is crucial.

Q10: Is DCB_ASSOCIATION a convenient payment method?

Ans: DCB_ASSOCIATION can be a convenient payment method for users without traditional banking facilities, allowing online purchases to be added directly to the mobile phone bill.


Direct Carrier Billing, represented by DCB_ASSOCIATION messages, offers a convenient way of paying for online purchases by adding them directly to your mobile phone bill. While it isn’t a sign of a hacking attempt by default, receiving such a message without making a purchase might indicate unauthorized activity.

It’s crucial to stay vigilant and monitor your phone bill. If you wish to stop these messages, you can either disable DCB in your Google Play Store app or reach out to your mobile carrier. Always remember the key to secure online transactions is constant monitoring and awareness of your digital activities.