What Is Com.Lge.Launcher3? All You Need To Know

What is com.lge.launcher3 and its Uses


com.lge.launcher3 is a system application found on LG-brand smartphones and devices. It’s the package name for LG’s device launcher, serving as the home screen and app drawer interface for users. LG developed it to ensure a smooth and user-friendly experience while operating their devices.

Uses of com.lge.launcher3

Uses of com.lge.launcher3

  • com.lge.launcher3 is responsible for maintaining the look and feel of your device’s home screen and app drawer
  • It allows you to customize your home screen with various wallpapers, themes, and widgets
  • It manages how you open and switch between applications

Uses of com.lge.launcher3

How to Uninstall com.lge.launcher3 from your Phone

Here are five methods for uninstalling or disabling the com.lge.launcher3:

How to Uninstall com.lge.launcher3 from your Phone

Disabling through Settings

  • Go to your device’s Settings > Apps > com.lge.launcher3
  • Tap on ‘Disable’ or ‘Force Stop’

Using Third-Party Apps

  • Install an application like ‘Package Disabler’ from Google Play Store
  • Open the app, find ‘com.lge.launcher3’, and select ‘Disable’

Using ADB Commands (This Requires Developer Knowledge)

  • Enable USB Debugging on your device
  • Connect the device to a PC and run the command: ‘adb shell pm uninstall -k –user 0 com.lge.launcher3’

Factory Reset (This will Erase All your Data)

  • Backup your data
  • Go to Settings > System > Reset > Factory data reset

Installing a Third-Party Launcher

  • Install a launcher like Nova Launcher or Microsoft Launcher from the Play Store
  • Set it as your default launcher

Pro Tip 1: Always remember to backup your data before attempting to uninstall system applications or doing a factory reset.

Pro Tip 2: Installing a third-party launcher gives you more customization options.

Pro Tip 3: Use a package disabler to easily disable system apps, but proceed with caution.

Best Third-Party Launchers

If you want to replace com.lge.launcher3, here are some of the top-rated Android launchers:

  1. Nova Launcher
  2. Microsoft Launcher
  3. Action Launcher
  4. AIO Launcher
  5. Niagara Launcher
  6. Hyperion Launcher


The com.lge.launcher3 is a fundamental part of LG smartphones that can be disabled but not easily uninstalled due to its role as a system app. However, if the default LG launcher doesn’t meet your needs, several excellent third-party launchers can provide a customized user experience. Always remember to back up your data and tread cautiously when disabling or replacing system apps.


What is com.lge.launcher3?

It’s a system application on LG devices serving as the home screen and app drawer interface.

Why do I need com.lge.launcher3?

It allows you to access and manage your apps and customize your device’s interface.

Can I uninstall com.lge.launcher3?

You can’t uninstall it directly as it’s a system app, but you can disable it or replace it with a third-party launcher.

What if com.lge.launcher3 stops working?

You can clear its cache, force stop it or reset your device to factory settings.

What are some good third-party launchers?

Nova Launcher, Microsoft Launcher, and Action Launcher are some popular alternatives.