What is com.android.localtransport App and How to Disable it?


When navigating through your Android device, you may have come across a mysterious application named com.android.localtransport. So, what exactly is this app? How does it function, and more importantly, is it safe? In this article, we’ll demystify this ambiguous app and guide you through everything you need to know about it.

What is com.android.localtransport?

Com.android.localtransport is a system process application that forms part of the Android operating system. It works behind the scenes to manage and coordinate certain communication aspects within the Android environment.

What is a System Process App?

A System Process App refers to an application that runs in the background of your Android device. These apps are crucial for the efficient operation of the device, managing processes like signal reception, app communication, and system updates.

What is a System App?

A System App is a pre-installed app on your Android device. These apps, including the Dialer, Browser, and Messaging, provide essential functionality and cannot be uninstalled through traditional methods.

What does “com.Android” Mean?

“com.Android” is the naming convention used for system apps and services within the Android operating system. Each service or app has a unique name following this convention, making it identifiable.

What does “com.Android” Mean?

What is com.android.localtransport Used for?

Com.android.localtransport is used to manage the Inter-Process Communication (IPC) within your Android device. It ensures smooth communication between different apps and services on your device, contributing to the overall performance and efficiency.

What Permission does Com.android.localtransport Have on Android?

As a system app, com.android.localtransport has wide-ranging permissions. These include access to your device’s network settings, the ability to start or stop other system processes, and the ability to interact with various other components of the Android system.

What is IPC (Inter-Process Communication)?

Inter-Process Communication (IPC) is a mechanism that allows different processes within a system to communicate and coordinate their actions. It is an essential feature in any operating system, including Android.

Is Local Transport Service App Safe?

Yes, the Local Transport Service App is safe. It is part of the Android system and does not pose any security risks to your device. However, if you suspect it’s behaving abnormally, consider checking for updates or resetting your device.

Can I Disable Com.android.localtransport?

Technically, you can disable com.android.localtransport, but it’s not recommended. This system app is important for the smooth operation of your Android device. Disabling it can lead to system instability and unpredictable behavior.

How to Disable com.android.localtransport?

Disabling com.android.localtransport should be done with caution. Here are five methods:

How to Disable com.android.localtransport?

Using the System App Remover

  1. Download and install the System App Remover from the Google Play Store
  2. Open the app and grant it root permissions
  3. Look for com.android.localtransport in the list of system apps
  4. Tap on it, and select ‘uninstall’ or ‘disable’

Using the System App Remover

Using ADB

  1. Download and install Android Debug Bridge (ADB) on your computer
  2. Enable USB Debugging on your Android device (found under Developer options)
  3. Connect your device to your computer
  4. Run the command ‘adb shell pm disable com.android.localtransport’ in the ADB terminal

Factory Reset

  1. Backup your data
  2. Navigate to Settings > System > Reset
  3. Tap on Factory data reset
  4. Follow the prompts to complete the reset

Factory reset

What is Daemon App?

A Daemon App is a type of system process that runs in the background, often providing or managing services. They usually start at boot time and remain active as long as the system is running.


Com.android.localtransport is a crucial system process app in the Android environment, playing an integral role in inter-process communication. It is generally safe and does not pose a security threat to your device. However, if you notice any unusual behavior associated with this app, try updating your system or performing a factory reset.

Pro Tip 1: Regularly update your Android device to ensure all system apps, including com.android.localtransport, are running their latest versions.

Pro Tip 2: Avoid disabling system apps unless necessary, as this can lead to system instability.

Pro Tip 3: Always back up your data before performing any actions that may affect system apps or processes.


Q: Is com.android.localtransport a virus?

A: No, com.android.localtransport is a safe system process app within the Android system.

Q: What happens if I disable com.android.localtransport?

A: Disabling com.android.localtransport may result in system instability and unpredictable behavior, as it plays an important role in IPC within the system.

Q: Can I re-enable com.android.localtransport if I have disabled it?

A: Yes, if you’ve disabled com.android.localtransport, you can re-enable it using the System App Remover or ADB.